We invest in real estate so we can re-invest in our youth. We have a passion for working with the youth. Our intent when working with the youth, especially the “at-risk” youth is to find out what they want to do with their lives, not just who they may want to work for. Too often, our youth has limiting beliefs in what is possible in life and we strive to expand their beliefs to see all the opportunities that actually exist in the world.

John has been working with at-risk youth in Douglas county for over four years and will for along time to come.  He is there to show support to the students, tutor the students, and speaks to them regarding entrepreneurism and getting the most out of life.  He is also a mentor to an amazing 13 year old boy that wants to be a leader in the world.

John has also volunteered with community improvement non-profit that works in specific neighborhoods to help the home owners with projects around the home, from painting fences, improving the landscaping, to hauling away debris from the property.  These home owners are extremely grateful to see their neighborhood improve visually which also boosts the pride of ownership in the area.

John is also heavily involved in his Rotary International group which gives back on a local level, national level, and worldwide level.